COVID Rules Update


Following on from the Prime Ministers speech in Parliament today (Tue 22nd Sept 2020) we are forced to make some changes to the way we operate the SPREAD at Darrington.  While some of the headlines sound extreme, they really are not far from how we have been operating since we opened back up in July.


Here are a few things that will need to be done from Thursday 24th September 2020:


  • Track and trace filled in.  Most people have been doing this and are used to how it works now.  From now on you will be refused service unless you have completed it either on your own phone, or asked one of the staff to do it for you.  A video showing how you can do it from the pub or from home is here

  • Face coverings are now required to enter the pub and be worn until your drinks arrive at the table.  They must also be worn while moving around the pub, going to the toilet, going to the smoking area or leaving.  If you are exempt, please clearly display your exemption badge to make it easy for the staff to identify you.  You will not be allowed into the pub and will not be served if you refuse to wear one.

  • When arriving at the pub, please wait at the door until a staff member greats you and takes you to your table.  This is a good time to complete the Track and Trace.

  • There is now a requirement for table service only.  Therefore once you have been shown to your table someone will take your order and bring it out to you, when you are ready for another please get the attention of a member of staff without shouting.  It is a good idea to start this a few minutes before you are ready.

  • As the weather draws in and the extra staff required for table service we are very limited in the number of people we can have at the pub at any one time.  Currently 64 with all tables at capacity, therefore we recommend that you pre book your tables, these will default to 2 hour slots.  If you know you will be less or request to have more, please put this in the booking notes and we will do our best to accommodate, if we are very busy though, we will have to restrict tables to 2 hour slots to make it fair for everyone.  We will not be taking telephone bookings, but they can be made in person at the door or on line using this link 

  • We will be giving priority on a first booked first served basis, with walk in tables accepted on a first come first served basis.  While we will try our best to get you the type of table you want, we may not always be able to do this.

  • Everyone must be away from the pub by 10pm, that means outside of the door and on our way home, so last orders will be at 9.30pm or 7.30pm on the days we close at 8.  We will have the ability to take orders for 5 pint take away beer bags if ordered an hour before closing time.

  • We are very sorry that our usual flexibility has been removed by the government, but in order to stop the spread of the virus, we have no choice but to introduce these much stricter measures.  Please bear with us while we all get used to the new ways of doing things and please treat the staff with the respect they deserve trying there best to give you as “pub like” an experience as possible.


Finally, in the short term while we get used to these new measures, we will not be serving food but are working hard to expand our bar snack offering until we get used to running the pub in the new way.


Keep smiling, stay safe and we will do our best for you!

We are open for drinks Monday - Wednesday 5.00 - 8.00 pm

We are open for drinks Thursday - Saturday 12.00-10.00 pm

We are open for drinks Sunday 12.00 - 8.00 pm

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